• Gidea Park College
    Thank you for making what could have been a dry training course enjoyable and informative / Fantastic, very interesting, good information, Thank you / Manner of trainer very good, interest held throughout the course, excellent / Very nice tutor, professional yet amiable and humorous. ( Fire Warden Course)
  • MHiST Bolton
    Delivery was great / the course has definitely developed my awareness/ Interesting course Thank you. (Fire Warden Course)
  • St Josephs Catholic Primary Academy Cleethorpes
    It was made very interesting and the tutor had a good sense of humour who made a serious subject interesting but at the same time was very informative, I would be interested in finding out what other services the tutor offers / The provider knew 'his stuff' and how to impart it / The information given and the enthusiastic, well informed delivery of the tutor was excellent / An informative training delivered to a high standard / Course was very informative and everything that was said was backed up by visual pictures and clips /Serious information was delivered with a sense of humour and kept my attention, Came away feeling that I had learnt some very valuable things to use at work and at home, really made me think about some things/ The knowledge and humour of the trainer made a terrifying subject accessible, he certainly has the 'gift' to train, a most enlightening and disturbing two hours - thank you/ We've never had such an interesting fire training before!. (Basic Fire Awareness).
  • Addaction Boston.
    Taught me more than I already new from previous Fire Warden courses / Thank you course was great. (Fire Warden)
  • Lifeways Beeston / ACUK & Burgess Care
    Interesting and very informative course, Definitely attend another course led by Mick.  / Loads of information, really good training, thank you. (Fire Warden)
  • Lifeways Halifax
    Best part of the course the simple easy to understand explanations and examples. / Fun and easy to understand. / Good practical session. / Mick was brilliant, thanks. (Evacuation Sled Training)
  • Japan Society for the Promotion of Science
    It was eye opening information, so everyone should learn from this kind of course, (should be mandatory) /Very practical advice given illustrated with videos -  very memorable, having a fire drill practice was very useful. (Fire Warden)
  • The Royal Asiatic Society
    Interesting, very knowledgeable tutor, good use of videos, humoristic presentation / Mick clearly understood the subject and safety procedures without being overly officious, I liked the hands on experience with the fire extinguishers, It was good but more practical components would suit me well. (Fire Warden)
  • Akeley Wood Senior School
    Excellent course and tutor / Learnt a lot about my responsibilities in school / Very informative / compared to the last course I had this was more informative and in-depth, the tutor knew through his experience what he was teaching, thank you. ( Basic Fire Awareness and Fire Warden)
  • Eurosafe Solutions LTD
    Relaxed delivery / Very informative /  Excellent tutor / Informal style of delivery / Fantastic tutor / Great advanced knowledge of the spine / Can be a little tedious but cant be helped, presenters showmanship was good. ( Manual Handling)
  • Akeley Wood Junior School
    Mick was a knowledgeable and confident instructor answering all our questions /  Brilliant, very informative, fantastic instructor / excellent video clips, Mick really knows his stuff / very thorough Thanks.  (Basic Fire Awareness and Fire Warden)
  • Parish Church Primary School Gainsborough
    Very important training session / Knowledgeable instructor information relevant to our school /  very informative and not boring /  very informative and gave us lots of idea's and checks to carryout. ( Fire Warden)
  • Cowbit St Marys CoE Endowed Primary School
    Good interaction and allowed time for discussion throughout the training without hindering the pace / Interesting, some humour, some serious, a nice balance including the videos / Knowledgeable tutor made the course interesting / relaxed but informative, real life examples and appropriate to our school .( Advanced Fire Awareness and Fire Warden)
  • Harrison Spinks Westland Road Leeds
    Exceptional Training, like the use of videos / I will now be safer in the workplace and at home / No need for improvement, it was all very interesting thanks / It covered my duties in the workplace as a Fire Warden, I will also use some of the information to make me and my family safer at home. (Fire Warden)
  • St George's Primary School Gainsborough
    Very Informative and gave us lots of idea's and checks to do, very informative but not boring thanks (Fire Warden)
  • Bishop Down Primary School Tunbridge Wells
    Informative and memorable training session, Informal delivery, Good hands on approach, excellent videos, very good Thanks Mick (Fire Warden)    
  • Lifeways Woodland View Cannock
    Relaxed and real examples, Experience with the extinguishers was great, Everything was covered perfectly,Clear and precise wording, Mick presented the course very well Thanks (Fire Warden)
  • Great, interesting course, with a nice amount of light humour and seriousness/ would recommend Mick for future training in the Academy. (Fire Warden)
  • Well presented by Mick in an easy to understand way/ Mick kept us interested in what could have been a boring subject/ Excellent course given by an experienced firefighter/ Learnt a lot about fire safety in work, I will also be checking my electrics at home Thanks Mick (Fire Warden)
  • Destek Engineering Washinborough
    Course was appropriate, educational and excellent knowledge and  enthusiasm from the instructor (Fire Warden Course)